3 Ways Brake Service Saves You Money

Maintaining your car can feel like an unwelcome drain on your wallet, but most maintenance tasks save you from spending significantly more money on repairs or other problems in the future. Brake service is no exception. Your brakes are critical for keeping you safe on the road, but they can also be a potentially costly source of repairs when poorly maintained.

Keeping your brakes working as intended by your car's manufacturer will help you avoid many of the most common brake repair issues. If you've been putting off a much-needed brake service, then here are three ways that scheduling an appointment right now can help keep money in your bank account.

1. You May Be Able to Keep Your Rotors

Depending on the make and model of your car, replacing your rotors can double (or more!) than simply servicing them. All rotors eventually wear down and require replacement, but you may be able to extend their life through at least one brake service. However, waiting too long to replace worn pads can lead to metal-on-metal contact that may accelerate wear on your rotors.

Bringing your vehicle to a professional brake shop is the best way to evaluate the current condition of both your pads and rotors. Technicians will measure your rotor thickness and check for warping or issues that may indicate a need for replacement. If the rotors seem to be in good shape, then you may be able to save by reusing them.

2. You'll Protect Your Calipers

The pistons in your calipers continually extend as your brake pads wear away. Since there's less material between the rotor and pad backing plate, the pistons must extend farther to maintain contact. Unfortunately, over time, this can cause the pistons to overextend. Although calipers can usually survive this situation, stretching too far can sometimes damage their rubber seals.

Damaged piston seals may create dangerous brake fluid leaks. At best, a brake shop will need to rebuild your calipers to fix this problem. At worst, you'll need to buy entirely new ones, which can be costly. However, getting prompt brake servicing ensures that your caliper's pistons operate only within specifications and reduces the likelihood of premature failure.

3. You Won't Ruin Your Wheels

Scored or damaged rotors can produce excessive brake dust, which can coat the wheels. Brake dust can corrode wheels over time, damaging them in ways that even a thorough cleaning won't remove. Surprisingly, your vehicle's wheels may be more expensive than many of its brake components, making this one of the most costly consequences of deferred brake maintenance.

Routinely servicing your brakes ensures that you avoid future repairs, and it also keeps you safe. Never ignore this essential vehicle maintenance service for your car.

Contact a brake service near you to learn more.