4 Reasons To Get An Engine Overhaul Instead Of A Replacement

An engine overhaul, also known as a rebuild, can put a car with engine concerns back on the road. If failed engine bearings have caused engine knocking, or if failing piston rings are leading to excessive exhaust, then it's time to overhaul the engine. The process means that a mechanic takes apart the engine and replaces worn parts while lubricating everything else so it moves smoothly. 

1. Save Money

An engine overhaul tends to cost much less than the average engine replacement. Rebuilding an engine can take some time, which may mean increased labor costs, but this is usually more than offset by the savings when it comes to parts. Replacing the bearings or a few piston rings is much more cost-effective than installing a brand new engine. Used engines are an option, too, but these come with their own risks of worn parts that are mitigated if you opt to overhaul your old engine instead.

2. Improve Performance

Although worn bearings and pistons do mean that eventually your engine will blow or require repairs, you may be able to drive on it for some time before this occurs. Unfortunately, putting off the repairs usually means your car will suffer a marked reduction in performance, and it may even use more fuel for normal operations. An overhaul will instantly improve your vehicle's performance. Your car will start up smoothly and the engine will run much more quietly once the overhaul is complete.

3. Avoid Further Damages

Putting off the repair can also increase the chances of damages to other parts of the engine. Failing piston rings can lead to jammed pistons because they can no longer move smoothly. This is known as throwing a rod, and your car won't run anymore once this occurs. Although piston rings can be replaced during an overhaul, a thrown rod is permanently jammed into the cylinder head. This means that an overhaul isn't typically an option, and you will be stuck paying for a more expensive engine replacement. 

4. Help the Environment

Disposing of old engines simply means more waste -- both the waste generated by the old engine as well as the waste of producing a replacement engine. If you want to make a more environmentally conscious decision, it simply makes more sense to repair rather than replace. Very little waste, other than the failed rings or bearings, is produced during an engine overhaul.

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