Brake Service Options That A Brake Repair Shop May Recommend

No matter how little or often you drive, your brakes will need to be serviced at some point in your vehicle's lifetime. You can take your vehicle to a local brake repair shop to have your brakes inspected to identify any brake parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Your brake repair shop may recommend one or more of these brake service options if problems are discovered during the inspection.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads play an integral role in stopping your vehicle when the brakes are applied, and these parts can wear down quickly because of friction. New brake pads can put an end to any grinding or squeaking sounds that you hear while braking and also reduce the amount of time that's needed to stop your vehicle. If one of your brake warning lights has been appearing on your dashboard, replacing the brake pads may also resolve this problem.

Fluid Replacement

The brake fluid that's needed to keep the different components of your brake system running smoothly may need to be replaced if the fluid is old or has been leaking. If there is any brake fluid loss, the brake service technicians can look for damage to the brake line or piston seal to see if leakage is coming from these areas. Brake fluid leakage may also be happening because of a bleeder valve that's loose or damaged.

Brake Line Repairs

A brake fluid leak can also be coming from a damaged brake line, and brake service professionals can also check to see if a damaged brake line is causing additional problems for you when you drive. If the brake line looks to be rusted, pitted or torn, brake line repair service may be needed. When your brake line is finally repaired, you will likely be able to stop your vehicle quicker and won't notice your brake pedal dropping down unusually low when you press on it. 

Air Removal

Sometimes referred to as "bleeding" the brake line, air removal service is often needed when too much air has built up inside the brake line. Air in your brake line can make your brakes less effective and capable of stopping your vehicle completely. You might also notice shakiness when you're applying your brakes or a "spongy" feeling when you press on the brake pedal if air is trapped in your brake line.

Servicing your brakes can make your vehicle drivable for more years to come. A brake repair shop can take care of all your service needs and put your mind at greater ease while you're on the road.